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|Uttarakhand State Science & Technology Congress held on 26-29, December 2013 at Dehradun|


National Seminar on Role of Information & Communication Technology

|Socio-Economic & Educational Devlopment held on 23rd - 24th December 2013 at Kotdwar|


Establishment of State Natural Resource Management System(SNRMS)
Uttarakhand Space Application Centre has been identified by State Government as nodal agency for establishment of SNRMS in the state. Various user departments are member of SNRMS, wherein user departments can meet data requirements through this programme. All processed data related to natural resources management using satellite data, GIS and GPS technology of various user departments will be supported by SNRMS. Generation of spatial and non-spatial database, integration of information coming from different sources and users, establishment of data repository and development of information driven decision support system are the main functionalities of this programme. Creation of a web-based information dissemination system wherein line departments can receive their requisite and processed information and layers from the warehouse of data through user interactive accessibility.
Current Events
National Seminar on Role of Information & Communication Technology in Socio-Economic & Educational Devlopment:23rd - 24th December 2013
Kedarnath Disaster Pre & Post Satellite Image Comparison
Government of Uttarakhand pavillion adjudged as Best States at 100th Indian Science Congress - Pride of India Expo : 3rd January, 2013

* To develop techniques and methodology that could be helpful in alleviating the  problems of the State.
* To utilize the vast potential of Remote Sensing, GIS and  Communication technology for the management of the natural resources and developmental and planning activities of the state of Uttarakhand.
* Committed to provide benefits of space technology to common man and sustainable development of Uttarakhand State.


  • High end workstations
  • High end Intel desktops.
  • A0 size colour and mono
  • A0 size colour laser printer.

    Training programme on Remote sensing and GIS for Line Departments, University & College, Central Goverment Institution and Voluntary organisations, Capacity building and training for students and teachers.

    Recent activities at the Centre.
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